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Berkman Center IS2K7 Conference

IS2K7 2007Yesterday, I attended the annual Internet & Society Annual Conference held at the Harvard Law School. It was interesting and had some thoughtful commentary on open access and the role universities play in that effort. They used the Question Tool one of our Presidential Instructional Technology Fellows (PITF) helped them recode last summer. I also participated in a working group on the one laptop per child initiative taking place at MIT. Charlie Nesson approached us and asked us to participate because he sees a connection with the way Harvard University has organized the PITF program and the way MIT might organize this initiative. In late July I will be submitting my thesis that offers a formal model for the PITF program. I plan to share portions of that here, so stayed tuned. If you want a sneak peek, you can read a bit on the IS2K7 Wiki: here and here.


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