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ELangdell partnership announced at CALI

New Partnership Between CALI and the Berkman Center to Create A Legal Education Commons

John Mayer announced on June 19th that there is a new collaboration between HLS and CALI that is resulting in the establishment of a new research fellowship. The Legal Education Commons debuted at last year’s conference, Rip, Mix Learn, is known as “elangdell” after the first Dean at HLS, Christopher Columbus Langdell. This will be a place where faculty and students can begin to eliminate the publisher in the middle of the equation. Faculty can now offer students open, uncopyrighted course materials like course packs, casebooks, video and audio. Gene Koo, a graduate of HLS and current Berkman Center Fellow, has been named the first person to receive this fellowship. Gene recently wrote a white paper on better preparing students for practical lawyering. He centers on:

  1. What new skills do lawyer need in the digital era?
  2. How should these skills be taught?
  3. Who should teach them?

If you haven’t read this paper and are in the business of creating lawyers like we are, you should take a minute to read this. I also would like to congratulate Gene on being the first pioneer in eLangdell!

In addition, John Mayer announced that the Berkman Center and CALI will be focusing on research and the development of legal instruction tools to advance practical skills like client interaction, negotiations and trial advocacy.

( from on 6/20/2007)


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