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HLS Moves Historic Houses

Video taken from on 6/25/07.

HLS moved three historic houses this past Saturday, in order to make room for a new construction project in the NW yard. If you would like to read more about the move, visit the Boston Globe. Here is the Law School’s Web page detailing the plans for the new building. The model looks very impressive! If all goes as planned, ITS (the department where I work) should be relocated to the basement of this building in 2011…


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  1. TheFuzzyOnes says:

    Hey Denise,

    Hoepfully you had a great time out west.

    The Plans do look nice. I learned living in the area for so long NOT to trust any such plans on paper until it is finally executed and see the final quality. An infamous Kenmore Hotelcomes to mind and so does a building nightmare on MIT campus they finally managed to pull off. Especially, that surface looks really neat and I am not sure what kind of outside surface it is actually going to be and actually carried out in real life. Although HU has quite the large purse to not compromise at all and they also have a great portfolio of great stately histric buildings to live up to.

    So while you look forward to your ‘basement’ move, I’ll look forward to a great execution and another proud building in Our Fair City.

    2011…maybe you will have striken it rich or some other org will have snagged you to greener pastures. Who knows, right? It’s a long time.

    Here is to hoping to talk to you soon, though.


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