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Upcoming NERCOMP Event: Educational Technology in Professional and Executive Education

Our colleagues at Harvard, Kristin Lofblad and Carla Tishler are hosting an event in Norwood, MA on October 17th that you should consider attending. Here is their description of the event:

Join us for a day of exploration regarding ways educational technologies (such as course platforms, digital content, alternative deliveries, multimedia and technology-related assignments, social networking, and community-building tools) are used in professional and executive education. How are we using educational technology to prepare adult learners? Let’s learn what motivates adult learners compared to undergraduate learners. Together, let’s test our assumptions about uses of educational technologies in professional and executive education as opposed to undergraduate settings. Let’s discuss what students know technology-wise now and what they need to know for the next phase of their careers. We will close with a look into the future: today’s undergraduates are tomorrow’s professional and executive education students. What do we as practitioners need to do to prepare?”

(Taken from: on Sept. 9, 2007)

My boss Ken Martin will be on a panel from 10:45am – 12:15pm. You can register at the website above. Hope to see you there!


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