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A Model for a Student Technology Assistant Program (STAP) in Higher Education

I am finally ready to bind and hand in my thesis for the ALM in Educational Technologies at Harvard after a year and a half of research and writing. Please read the abstract for a summary of the paper. If you are interested in reading the paper, please contact me.

I owe thanks to pretty much just about everyone I know at this point. Specifically, I extend tremendous gratitude towards Ken Martin, Ed.M, for being a wonder field adviser for my research and Dr. Ilona Holland for her amazing academic advisement. In addition, Dr. Catalina Laserna was always positive and supportive throughout my quest for the ALM in Educational Technologies program at Harvard. Paul Bergen and the ICG staff were amazingly accommodating during my research and I can’t thank them enough. Daniel Jamous was especially helpful, and I thank him for his help during the summer of 2006. My friends and family were so supportive throughout the last year. I truly appreciate their patience while I wrote this paper and look forward to having more free time to spend with them!


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