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Tax Professor’s Blog on Belichick’s fine: A snapshot of what is possible in the future?

As my base is in Boston, I found this blogging event very intriguing, but not for the reasons you might think. I am actually not originally from Boston, so the Patriots are not my favorite football team. What I found really fascinating was how professors from all over the country used a blog to collaborate and give their opinions on a current issue in their field. I think this is an excellent example of how law professors could use blogs in their instruction. Elizabeth Warren has discovered this and uses a blog to connect her students to current, real-life events that are occurring within the subject matter she instructs (i.e., bankruptcy). An interesting suggestion would be to create school-sanctioned social-networking webspace in specific areas of law where professors and students from different schools could discuss and debate current issues like this. What I am picturing is kind of like combining facebook and the networks, groups and wall technology available there into a forum like xoxohth (without the controversy and anonymous posting). An even better idea would be to somehow tie this collaboration into the course management systems available within each school. It would be like having cross-listed courses, but between law schools instead of between schools within the same university. I know this is impossible because everyone uses different systems, but with the development of Sakai and open source courseware, it might be a possibility for the future!


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