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HBS Virtual Worlds Braingain: Bill Lichtenstein

at Harvard Business School: from 3:00-3:20

Bill Lichtenstein is a former producer for 20/20, World News Tonight and Nightline. He organized the first public radio broadcasts to air live from Second Life, featuring Kurt Vonnegut and Suzanne Vega. He will discuss how virtual worlds are a new medium that allow us to convey experiences, rather than just transmit images and information. (taken from

Bill Lichtenstein's AvatarBill Lichenstein in real life

What if you took these tools and use them for something it wasn’t designed for?

He believes that Second Life is a part of the evolution of media. Media can preserve and transmit information, ideas and emotions over time and space.

Language > printed text > graphic art & sculpture > radio/telephones > motion pictures > television > Internet

There is a disconnect between the actual experience and the media. Second life is the transmission of experience.

“What a man hears, he may doubt, what he sees he may possibly doubt, but what you does, he cannot doubt.” -Seamann Knapp

They built a 16 acre facility with listening rooms where people could listen to their shows. The had a virtual amphitheatre for live performances, offices, conference rooms.

Last year, Kurt Vonnegut gave what is believed to be his last interview in SL:

Mia Farrow talked about Darfur:

For more, see


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