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HBS Virtual Worlds Braingain: Dr. Jonathan Reichental

at the Harvard Business School from 3:20-3:40

Dr. Reichental is the IT Industries and Innovation Director for PricewaterhosueCoopers is discussing how virtual worlds are part of a larger movement towards a societal, ubiquitous virtuality and how this is beginning to impact enterprises and how it may play out in the future (taken from

Jonathan ReichentalJonathan Reichental

He believes there is a “disintegration of the enterprise”: large organizations breaking down into smaller ones with the same goal in mind. The movie business is a good example. Old movie studios used to control everything. The other example is the military. They are using more contractors and third party businesses to serve the same goal as before.

Some of the big trends right now are things like the iPhone. It is the convergence of many different aspects into one device that is highly functional. There are many ways we are tightening the connection between people as we become more disconnected. It is almost counter-intuitive. Virtual Worlds is a big part of this movement.


  • Support for consumerization
  • Cost of Virtuality Infrastructure
  • Employee Freedom
  • Increased Risk
  • Increased Need for Enterprise Technical Competence

What is in store for the future? Avatar Al (when you leave, it will continue to be you-artificial intelligence), Smart Routing (how does the device recognize you? Or you tell the device all the stuff and it will work it out), Reality Mixing and Multiple Personalities (men who are women, women who are men–why do people do that? He claims he has a statistic where 25 % of men become women in SL, while only 5% of women become men avatars–why? People can be something they are not. You can expand your life and have opportunities not available to you in real life).


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