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HBS Virtual Worlds Braingain: Dr. Philip D. Long

at Harvard Business School, from 2:40-3:00

Dr. Long is from the MIT office of Education and Technology and Chairman of the Board of the New Media Consortium. He is going to describe what is driving the growth of the NMC campus and community, the largest educational presence in Second Life.

Dr. Long in Real LifeDr. Long's Avatar in Second Life


The NMC has learned many things through their use of second life.

Given their experience over the last year and 3 quarters, all future NMC online events will be conducted in Second Life. Their last conference had activities all hours of the day so that people in other time zones could participate.

They have implemented Private Grids for projects and activities. You can run an entire world on your laptop and then you can move into SL when you are ready.

Over the next six months, they will continue rental services for sims, host more events and develop a new orientation experience for newbies to Second Life.

It is hard to bring new people into Second Life quickly. If you want to do this for a class, for example, its tough. It takes a while to create your avatar. They have to figure out how to move around and navigate. They are looking at how they can help make that easier. There will be a ten min quick and easy orientation to cover the basics, in-depth orientation to skills, orientation into SL culture and orientation into teaching and learning in SL.

It is difficult telling others about virtual worlds. There is a need for good ways to covey what you are doing in SL to people who will never go into it. How can one convey activity on a sim after avatar’s have gone (foot prints? dust? translucent waves?).

Lessons learned. It is 100% user built. It is inherently creative. It is inherently social.


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