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HBS Virtual Worlds Braingain: Hilary Mason

at Harvard Business School from 3:40-4:00 p.m.

Hilary Mason is an Assistant Professor in New Media and Computer Science at Johnson & Wales University. She led the development of Virtual Morocco in Second LIfe and is examining the radical expansion of learning opportunities availablein virtual environments and best practices for educators (taken from

Hilary Mason's AvatarHilary Mason in real life

She asks, why put students in a regular classroom when we could go places and do things? We can’t go places and do things sometimes because there is no money, no expertise, no access and no time. Maybe it’s simply impossible, like going to another universe or becoming another species, etc. There are limitations of physcial space and technological possibilities.

But what if we could? What if we can explore and create new realities. Its not just Second Life. There are other social networking technologies getting attention like Twitter and Facebook. She states she has a statistic that students who use Facebook more than once a day do better  academically in school than those that don’t. Learning is surrounded by challenge, reflection, collaboration and community. All of this comes together in experiential learning.

One thing they did was build a virtual Morocco:

They also did Virtual Blast (see slide 21)


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