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HBS Virtual Worlds Braingain: Keynote – John Lester

at Harvard Business School 9/27/07: 2 p.m-2:40 p.m.

I am at a workshop today at HBS that is exploring “the ways in which the metaverse is influencing, and can influence, business and eduation” (taken from

John Lester is the Keynote today. John Lester

He is Linden Lab’s Boston Operations Director and Academic Program Manager. They have offices world-wide at Linden Lab. They use second life as their central office to have meetings and organize events. There are real people behind each avatar–whether they are a purple dragon or a “regular person”. Second life is a unique online world, that is not a game. It is a platform that is focused on creating tools. All the content that is created is owned by the residents.

People + Tools + Shared Spaces = Metaverse

Incerased Peceptual Immersion leads to Increased Emotional Bandwidth

Leveraging second life for education includes spatialization and attenuation. It also has the ability to create scultpted primitives. You can create complex and organic shapes. Shared spaces can be created based on reality. For example, Vassar College has recreated the Sistine Chapel in second life. Shared spaces can be created based on imagination. For example “Straylight” island was created using Sculpted Primitives.

The concept of a Metaverse leverages 5 things really well

  1. navigate a 3d environment
  2. communicate and collaborate with other people, creating communities
  3. learn through shared experiences
  4. use tools (our minds were made for mergers)
  5. take partial data and create something whole (tiger in the grass)

The above thoughts are those of John Lester. If you want to know more, please visit:


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