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Voices of American Law Project: CALI 08

Wayne MillerWayne Miller, Director of Educational Technologies, Duke University School of Law

This project began in 2002 and got funding from various sources (e.g., Center for Instructional Technology, Educational Technologies Group, grant from Duke for Instructional Projects). It was done almost completely “in-house”. Trying to figure out how to make the project is sustainable.

The Web environment provides faculty with a way to moderate what is shown or not on the voicesofamericanlaw site. The DVD offered a number of pluses for the project (e.g., available for sale, easy controllable distribution model, fair amount of upfront investment in duplication)

Alex AndersonAlex Anderson, Video Production Specialist, Duke University School of Law

Preproduction: select a case, 2 student compile info for review, make initial contacts & acquire permissions. Sometimes making travel arrangements is involved with the process. Usually they can shoot about three individuals per day.

Production: 2-4 individuals will take a camera case, tripod case, light kit and large flight case. Lighting setup includes back light, interview subject, key light and fill light (chimera). The key light is about 45 degrees over. Videotaping the producer asks questions and you need to make sure you written permissions. Shoot B roll of the person being interviewed, of locations and of anything else that might add visual interest.

Post Production: Review, import, create rough cut and add finishing touches. Then, they duplicate tapes into DVD with time codes, transcribe from DVDs and producers review and make initial cut decisions. Import tape assets into editing system (final cut), gather additional still images, newsreel, etc. and import. Producers make initial cut and then do narration scripting. The final touches are added with music, slates and names. Final videos are created and then DVD, Real and Flash versions are encoded.


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