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Educause Learning Initiative: U.S. 2009 Horizon Report

I am at the Educause Learning Initiative (ELI) for a couple of days. My current session is debriefing the technologies, trends and challenges of the 2009 Horizon Report (also see the workspace Wiki for the Horizon Project). The report has been downloaded over 45,000 times so far. The following is from a handout they gave out during the session (2009, The New Media Consortium):

horizon panel


  • Mobiles
  • Cloud Computing
  • Geo-Everything
  • The Personal Web
  • Semantic-Aware Applications
  • Smart Objects


  • Increasing globalization continues to affect the way we work, collaborate, and communicate.
  • The notion of collective intelligence is redefining how we think about ambiguity and imprecision.
  • Experience with and affinity for games as learning tools is an increasingly universal characteristic among those entering higher education and the workforce.
  • Visualization tools are making information more meaningful and insights more intuitive.
  • As more than one billion phones are produced each year, mobile phones are benefiting from unprecedented innovation, driven by global competition.


  • There is a growing need for formal instruction in key new skills, including information literacy, visual literacy, and technological literacy.
  • Significant shifts are taking place in the ways scholarship and research are conducted, and there is a need for innovation and leadership at all levels of the academy.
  • We are expected, especially in public education, to measure and prove through formal assessment that our students are learning.
  • Higher education is facing a growing expectation to make use of and to deliver services, content and media to mobile devices.

You can watch the session in full online.


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