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Publish or Perish: Publish or Perish: Online Reformation to

Carl F. Berger, Emeritus, University of Michigan-Ann Arbor


provide tools for scholars

These tools may be reused in the future for things far more powerful. Can we support at the technical level (does it work) and support level for the millennial scholar (in use/practice)?

change recognition and reward structure

  1. Formally recognize the scholarly value of academic technology
  2. Create a body to evaluate the scholarly merit of academic technology efforts
  3. Revise policies concerning intellectual property rights as they relate to the creation of computer-based instructional tools and resources
  4. Facilitate the publication and/or distribution of computer-based instructional tools and resources

change in publishing

  • Supports research on intersections of content, pedagogy and edia
  • includes multimedia documents
  • peer reviewed by colleagues
  • publication interactive and multimedia
  • development of community

support a paradigm shift

  • share publication tools and sites
  • encourage intersections
  • encourage research on intersections
  • lobby administration
  • build in assessment
  • disseminate studies
  • share resources
  • completely reform publishing

Watch the session.


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