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So this page will change time to time with updated photos, videos and anything personal I’d like to share that doesn’t necessarily have to do with Ed. Tech.

Sept 16, 2007

Okay. So I know I promised myself I was not going to put him in clothes, but this is awfully cute. And it*is*getting cool outside, so … okay, I am not fooling anyone. It’s just ’cause it is adorable. 🙂

Max in His Fall Sweater

July 26, 2007

My brother’s new puppy Phoenix. She is the one chewing on his hand. 🙂


Max takes the new addition to the family in stride:


July 22, 2007

Max hates my laptop. He knows he needs to battle it for my attention.


He ends up deciding to use it as a pillow:


July 11, 2007

Sleepy time for Max.

Sleepy Time

June 30, 2007

Anna, my upstairs neighbor’s pooch and Max last night.


June 22, 2007

Max came home from the animal hospital today. He was neutered yesterday, had four of his baby teeth removed and was micro-chipped. Everything went really well and he is resting today, even with the “lampshade” around his head. Poor little guy. The staff at the animal hospital was great and I want to thank them for giving him such great care!

June 9, 2007

My parents are visiting and we just found out that they are going to be able to close on the new house finally. Hooray! We were taking a walk in the beautiful Arboretum when we got the good news. Here are a few shots:

Max also got his first groom this weekend. He looks very good and I think he appreciates being able to see without his hair impeding things.

June 3, 2007

Here is my new puppy Max over the weekend of June 2, 2007. We had to tie his hair up ’cause it was getting in his eyes. This week he will get a puppy cut that is more manageable for the both of us and will make him look more “manly”.

MaxMax under cover
Meanwhile, my brother sent me this funny clip about puppy training. I love Will Ferrell..

Will Ferrell


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  1. Mom says:

    I can get the sound from your snapshots on the web. I use to bu I don’t anymore.I checked my sound and it works for everything else. Any ideas?

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